• Gestores de propiedades

    ¿Eres un gestores de propiedades?

    You run a property management business, managing many properties that are spread around the city. Daily you have to perform various tasks like to promote your properties through marketing and web booking platforms (Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking.com), to organize your bookings, to provide 24/7 support to your guests, to organize the check in times, to monitor the check-outs, to schedule the cleaning and maintenance services as soon as possible to prepare the apartment for the next booking with the ultimate goal of increasing the revenues and the customer satisfaction for your portfolio.

    All those tasks oblige you either to have your own human resources and tools or to outsource them in third parties. Check-in service is a high cost service for outsourcing it to a third party service and a highly time consuming process for your human resources.

    What if you could have a 24/7, easily accessible spot close to your properties, where you could drop off the keys in order to be available for your guests, whenever they arrive? A secure, automatic and easy to use reception desk that could take care of the key exchange process (Both check-in and check-out)? A storage location where your guest could return the key in order to be available for your next booking?

    iKeyBnB is bringing a totally secure service, easy to use by everybody simply by scanning a QR code that provides access to the key box. Apart from the actual key storage box, you can monitor real time all the transactions that take place in your box. That way you have full overview and control of your property and you can efficiently plan and manage the rest of the tasks (cleaning, maintenance, etc.)

    You only have to register in the web platform, specify the duration you want to rent a slot in the iKeyBnB automatic machine (month, trimester, semester, year), get your personal unlock code (QR – 6digit) and share it with your guests. The code can change with a click of a button for the next guest, keeping your keys and your property safe.

    The service is available in Barcelona and in Malaga!

    Time and human resources management means a lot to a property manager and iKeyBnB is here to help you optimize both!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

    Note: If you manage multiple properties that are located at the same or nearby buildings and you need an e-Reception kiosk exclusively for your needs, learn more here