Exchange your keys in 4 simple steps!

iKeyBnB service is designed to be simple and easy for both the involved parties, the one who drops off and stores the key apartment and the other who picks it up to approach the apartment.

Regístrate y escoje tu plan

Regístrate y escoje tu plan

The host or the property manager initially needs to create an account , totally free. To get your plan there are 4 simple steps that are described below:

  • The user (host or the property manager) chooses the plan that fits better to her / his needs. The are 2 options, the Simple Stop (one drop off, storage of the key, one pick up, end of transaction) and the Unlimited Plans (unlimited drop offs and pick ups in the preselected time period).
  • The user selects the drop off location, which is more convenient for her / him and the guests depending on how they arrive in the city (airport, train station, bus station, car, etc.) Check out the available locations.
  • The user specifies the number of days she / he wants to store the key into the machine. The time is calculated by the time the user will drop off the key into the machine and the time the guest will pick it up. The time is calculated in number of days.
  • The final step is the payment, that it is calculated according to the time period that the user has specified in the previous step. Then the user proceeds to the payment and once the payment is confirmed an Unlock Code (QR and a 6digit) is generated in the “My Unlock Codes” tab.

In Single Stop Plans the Unlock code is the same for both of the involved parties (host, guest).

In Unlimited Plans, the user keeps a unique Unlock Code for herself / himself and another one for her / his guest, which can be changed by the user for security reasons (every guest who has collected a key from the machine cannot collect again the key).

Deja tu llave en el guarda llaveros automático o en una tienda cercana

Deja tu llave en el guarda llaveros automático o en una tienda cercana

With the Unlock Code that the user received, reaches the machine and through the touch screen selects her / his preferred language (available languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Russian) and then the “Drop off” option.

The next selection that the user need to make is the input method of the unlock code. There are 2 options, by scanning a QR or by entering a 6digit code. The machine recognizes the Unlock Code and opens a door.

The user opens the door, places the key inside the box, closes the door and confirms that that the transaction has been successfully completed.

That's it! The key is now available for the guest to pick it up upon her / his arrival. At the same time the user receives a confirmation email of the transaction.

Comparte el código de desbloqueo con tu huésped

Comparte el código de desbloqueo con tu huésped

Through the iKeyBnB User Area , the user can share the Unlock Code with her / his guests by introducing their email.

Then iKeyBnB is sending an email with all the required information for your guests. The email contains a How to Reach Video Guide and a How it Works Video to help your guest reach the pick up location and collect the key.

That way, the guests know where exactly the machine is located, the opening hours of the pick up location and how to use the machine.

Your Guest can Pick up the Key Now

¡Tu huésped ya puede recoger la llave!

The guest arrives in the store that the machine is located, select her / his preferred language and then the option “Pick Up”.

Then she / he scans the QR code or enters the 6 digit code, the machine unlocks the right door, the guest opens the door, collects the key, closes the door and confirms that the transaction has been successfully completed.

The transaction is completed, the guest is free to go to the apartment whenever he wants! The host receives a confirmation email that the guest has picked up the key. Moreover the user can keep track real time all the transactions that are performed at her / his box by the iKeyBnB User Area.

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